Wan Wan Carnival [photos]

For the second year in a row, we visited the Wan Wan Carnival event in Yoyogi Park over the weekend!


It was really crowded and crazy at first, with tons of excited dogs being wrangled by their owners who were all trying to look at many shops and booths.

This German Shepherd LOVED Lychee.

Lychee was able to meet lots of other dogs, he especially loves big dogs for some reason!

Sheltie friends.

I was happy because we got to see many Shelties, one of my favorite dog breeds and the kind of dog I had when I was a child!


The festival had lots of dog goods for sale, so after the crowds thinned out, we bought a new harness for Lychee. It’s really soft and comfortable, and the color matches his collar!

Little ones! Taken during Cody’s first Christmas with us.

That night, my mother sent me some old photos of me with my first dog, Cody. I’ve always loved animals, and I’m really glad I get to share my life in Japan with a dog, now! Now that the weather’s getting nice, I want to go on lots of adventures with Lychee. I’ll be sure to share photos!