New shows [photos]

Hi there! The weather is still indecisive, but April continues on.

I rarely pay attention to new anime, but this season, my favorite idol group Fudanjuku is performing the opening song for the anime “Gunjou no Magmell,” so I decided to try watching a new show as it airs!

Gunjou no Magmell and Lychee

The show is airing on TV as well as Netflix, so I was able to watch the first episode this week on my iPad when I was at home sick.

It’s a very exciting show, but Lychee wasn’t excited.

I haven’t read the manga it was adapted from, but I heard that the first episode was quite different than how the manga begins, and that the main character acts differently than he does in the manga. He didn’t come off as a very likable character in the first episode of the anime, but maybe he’ll grow on me!

What did you think?

It was really exciting to hear my favorite artist’s song play as the opening, so I’m looking forward to the second episode!

These days when I watch TV, I usually binge-watch (= watching many episodes in a row) a show in a few days. This time, I’ll have to wait patiently little by little for new episodes to come out!

I’m also interested in the new anime “Carole & Tuesday.” It’s directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, who directed one of my favorite anime, “Cowboy Bebop.” I also like BONES, the studio producing it, and several voice actors and musicians involved with the production. It should be excellent, so I’m looking forward to it! Please check it out on Netflix if it sounds interesting!

See you next time!

— Liz