Cherry blossom season [photos]

It’s spring! Kind of! The flowers are blooming and the skies are blue but it’s still colder than it should be at this time of year!! But, I love flowers enough that I was willing to brave the chilly weather in order to spend time with friends under the cherry blossoms last weekend.

On Saturday, I managed to be the first of my friends to arrive at Shinjukugyoen, about 30 minutes after it opened for the day at 9 o’clock. I’m not good with mornings, but I did my best for flowers and my friends!

The flowers above us weren’t in full bloom, but they were so close to us!
A few more people came, too.
Shinjuku views.
Cute blossoms!
I love both 花 and 団子!
I ate American snacks, too!

We kept waiting for it to get warmer, but it stayed cold all day. We still had a great time playing games and chatting, and stayed all the way until when the park closed!

On Sunday, I had a more casual hanami walk with our dog.

Lychee hanami!
Not 満開 yet!

First, we visited the small park near our apartment. There’s only one big cherry tree, but it’s beautiful! Only the bottom branches were in full bloom.

So many people.
Lychee rode in his cart because his legs get tired quickly.
Almost full bloom!

Next, we walked to Setagaya park. It was super busy with people doing hanami and drinking a lot! Lychee got to meet and play with lots of other dogs, and several trees were in full bloom.

Sunset is coming.
Sky blue overpass.
What do you think, Lychee?
A beautiful location!

After our adventure, we went to an antique shop/cafe where dogs were allowed inside. The food was British-style cooking and really delicious! I definitely want to go back soon.

I hope it gets a bit warmer soon, I want to see the cherry blossoms a little bit more in warm weather! I wonder if they’ll be in full bloom this weekend? Take care, see you next time!